Owned and Operated by a family of Veterans. Southern Draw Cigars remains dedicated to producing unique blends of premium cigars, and providing the most consistent and sustainable products possible. Together with our incredible partners, we endeavour to be socially responsible and charitable to those in need in the United States and in tobacco growing and cigar producing countries alike, with a particular focus on Nicaragua where our cigars are hand made. 

No matter our past or the current environment, mindset, stress level or even the mounting pressures of life, we will strive to promote the Southern Draw Cigars culture along with each of our hand crafted cigars. We also respect the rich cultures and traditions of tobacco growing and the production of premium hand made cigars by honouring the vital importance of the “Draw”, referring to that wonderful, tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco that is ignited and allows the smoke to be slowly drawn into the mouth. 

We offer our sincerest thanks to all that have come before us, those who have mentored us, taught us, shared industry contacts, those who have offered us patience and supported our fledgling brand as we attempt to execute our vision. So we are one part "Southern" . one part "Draw" and 100% thankful for this opportunity.